Lazlo Learns Recorder

By Vicky Weber  Illustrated by Masha Klot

Lazlo Lemur is nervous about his first day at a new school, especially when he goes to music class. His teacher expects him to learn a new instrument, but there are so many things to remember...will he EVER get it right?
Play--and learn--along with Lazlo in this interactive musical tale!

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The Song Garden

By Vicky Weber  Illustrated by Zoe Mellors

Every year, Calla and her family participate in the town's showcase, but this year, she is determined to create a song garden without the help of her parents. Her friends all have great ideas, but writing a song doesn't come as easily to Calla.

There are so many choices...what if she gets it wrong? 

Will Calla be able to conquer her worries and let her creativity shine through?

Written by an elementary music teacher to spark composition in young readers, The Song Garden teaches children that their creations are truly their own.


Rhythm Rescue

By Vicky Weber  Illustrated by Geneviève Viel-Taschereau 

Welcome to Music Metropolis, where there's always a song to sing and instruments
playing all around. Everyone has something special to share, but Beat Street is where
the real magic happens...

The musicians of Beat Street have super abilities. The people who live here can do
extraordinary things...with the power of music!

When Tala's day begins with a phone call from a friend, she is SUPER excited...but
she'll need your help to make it there in time! You won't want to miss this interactive
musical adventure.


Tiger Tempo

By Vicky Weber  Illustrated by Geneviève Viel-Taschereau 

"Help the tiger win the race.
Clap the beat to keep his pace."

What could be more magical than being a part of the story? Join Tiger in this educational, interactive picture book that focuses on musical vocabulary...and fun!


When Step Met Skip

By Vicky Weber  Illustrated by Geneviève Viel-Taschereau 

Step loves stepping up and down the musical staff, but his world is turned upside down when he meets Skip: an adventurous character who isn't afraid of a little risk. Together, they discover that the best music has a little of Step AND Skip!


Gingersnap Snatcher

By Vicky Weber  Illustrated by Svitlana Liuta

Abuela made cookies to eat after school.

The gingersnap kind, just the thought made us drool!

We rushed home excited. We opened the door…


...The cookies were missing—just crumbs on the floor!

Can you help the kids crack the case of the Gingersnap Snatcher?

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