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Vicky Weber
Character from The Song Garden by Vicky Weber

Hi, I'm Vicky!

Storyteller at Heart

I'm a former elementary music educator with a love for children’s literature. As a Puerto Rican author of Taíno descent, I strive to create picture books that are fun, engaging, and educational. I've been published by Disney and Penguin Random House but also have successful self-published titles.


I'm the owner of At Home Author - a company that helps others get their children's books published and make money doing it! I'm also a literary agent specializing in children's literature at The Purcell Agency.

What Others Are Saying...

"I've just discovered a collection of colorful and engaging books by a real-live music educator by the name of Vicky Weber! Ms. Weber takes on teaching the basic elements of music and creativity through fun stories and interactive activities that will liven up any classroom while getting the job done. The job? Learning about rhythm and tempo, how to play the recorder, and even simply embracing the creativity just waiting to be discovered in every child. I think your pre-k to 2nd graders are going to especially love these books!"

-John Jacobson, Music Educator, Musical Composer, & Author of Music Express Magazine

Forte Moves to Town

“Vicky Weber’s books are simply enchanting for music lovers and the children they teach! Instructional and charming…who could ask for more? Highly recommended."

-Roger Emerson, Composer & Arranger

Character from The Song Garden by Vicky Weber
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