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Check out Vicky Weber in the media!

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Lake Bluff Teacher Helps Kids Learn Music at Home with New Book Series

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Take a listen to Vicky's journey from elementary music teacher to children's book author!

Gurnee author called upon by Disney to tell Disney's "Encanto" story

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An interview of Vicky Weber by the Libertyville Area Local Moms Network

In honor of our seven founders, we get to know one Alpha Chi Omega through seven questions. Vicky Weber (Upsilon, Millikin University) grew up without seeing characters like her in books. Now, she’s writing her own stories about the Taíno so that today’s children can find characters to relate to and learn more about the culture!


"Vicky has created some fantastic stories with a distinct musical twist. Discover the inspiration behind her books in our interview."


Rescot Creative

"I had the privilege of interviewing Vicky about her book launch this week for The Song Garden." -Ashley Rescot, Rescot Creative

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