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9 Must-Follow Music Teacher Blogs

As a music teacher, staying up-to-date with and inspired by the latest teaching techniques, resources, and ideas is crucial to delivering an engaging classroom experience. Thankfully, the internet is a treasure trove of educational resources, and teacher blogs have become a popular platform for music educators to share their insights and expertise.

Music Teacher Blogs

In this post, we'll explore nine fantastic music teacher blogs that you should consider following.

Must-Read Music Teacher Blogs

Whether you're looking for lesson plans, classroom activities, or inspiration, these blogs have got you covered!

Becca's Music Room is a delightful blog run by Becca Davis. She covers a wide range of topics, including lesson plans, curriculum ideas, and tips for classroom management.

Beth's Notes has been around since 2009, and I've used her resources time and time again in my own music classroom. She has visual aids, sub plans, assessments, and activities to complement your music curriculum.

Beth even offers a premium subscription service, Beth's Notes Plus, where you can access a private music ed community, over 7,000 downloadable resources, an exclusive bundle every month, and coaching!

If you're looking for visual aids, manipulatives, or other great resources for the elementary music classroom, look no further than Tracy King's blog...AKA The Bulletin Board Lady.

David Row started Make Moments Matter to share resources and build connections in the music educator community. His blog, videos, podcast, and store all center around easy-to-implement classroom content and teaching tips.

Aileen is an elementary music educator and digital creator who has taught K-7 music for the past 24 years. She blogs about ideas for the music classroom and her TeachersPayTeachers store is filled with goodies you'll love!

Melissa Stouffer's blog is best known for The Ultimate Music Ed Book List - a well-organized database that is consistently updated with music ed must-reads. Her blog is packed with resources, content, and tips to make your music classroom more engaging and fun.

This blog by Amy Abbott is packed with Kodály-inspired activities, lesson plans, and content specifically for elementary music teachers. She has won the Jared Polis educator award and in addition to teaching elementary, she's also the Pedagogy and Folk Song teacher at the Colorado Kodály Institute at Colorado State University.

Sing, Play, Create, is a go-to destination for music and movement activities for young children. This blog focuses on hands-on and interactive learning. Sandra has a free resource library and a YouTube channel dedicated to music and movement for young children.

This blog recently went through a rebrand because Jeanette Shorey does more than just music literary lessons now! The Happy Music Teacher offers resources and a supportive community specifically for elementary music teachers.


If you're seeking fresh ideas or just want to connect with a supportive community, following these teacher blogs will undoubtedly elevate your teaching experience and help you create memorable moments in the music classroom.

Have a favorite blog that you don't see listed? Pop your recommendations in the comments!

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