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Halloween Songs, Lessons, & Activities for Music Class

An easy way to increase engagement in your elementary music classroom is by making your lessons tie into the things that your students are already excited about.'s fun!

Halloween activities for elementary music education

In this blog post, I'm sharing some of the best resources for Halloween songs, lessons, and activities that you can use in music class.

Halloween Music Activities on TeachersPayTeachers

This TPT activity by Aileen Miracle comes highly recommended by dozens of elementary music teachers. Students work in small groups to solve musical puzzles to escape the room!

This done-for-you Halloween activity is perfect for sub plans or even for a quick assessment tool. It comes with a teacher guide and multiple ways to play.

This TPT presentation has 25 spooky listening examples paired with biographies and history. It also has editable worksheets to reinforce learning and multiple options for presenting.

Personally, I love coloring sheets in my music classroom because it's an easy way to assess the students while they're having fun. Plus, it's one of the easiest activities for centers or for sub plans.

3 Ideas from Music and Motivate:

Halloween Musical Books

Halloween Songs & Videos

Hey Jack:

Halloween Night:

Halloween Music Playlist:

What are your favorite activities for Halloween? Leave a comment below!

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