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Become a published author!

You've always had a book in you. So the question is...

Aren't you tired of *NOT* being a

children's book author?
The Song Garden - Music Education Lesson Plan Idea

You’ve been sitting on an idea for…

You’ve witnessed firsthand the difference it makes when children see themselves in the context of a children’s picture book. And you want to make that difference.

Let me start by saying: it IS within reach!

I'd always wanted to be an author but assumed it was just wishful thinking. I never thought that dream would become a reality.

One day, I started to learn the industry and now, I'm a bestselling children's picture book author. It IS possible and you can do it too!

When Step Met Skip by Vicky Weber

You CAN publish a children’s book.

A book that…

✔️ Comes from the heart

✔️ Captures the imagination of your readers

✔️ Makes a child feel represented

✔️ Gets dog-eared because it’s been read so many times

✔️ Takes the financial pressure off 

✔️ Makes the lives of other teachers easier

✔️ Inspires children to create their own stories

✔️ You are proud to share with your own family

✔️ Sparks the joy of reading in a new generation of readers


Profitable Picture Books: From Pen To Publication


The step-by-step guide to becoming a published children’s book author. Even if you’re starting from scratch

Profitable Picture Books - Writing Course

What people are saying...


I just started and was impressed with the level of detail and information. I'm so looking forward to continuing through the program.


“Vicky is an AMAZING mentor and source of information. I especially love her self-paced courses because I can watch and learn when it is convenient.  I’d be so lost without her!”


This course has been so helpful so far. It breaks everything down in a way that is easy to understand. Definitely enjoying it!

"Browsing through various courses on children's book publications, I did my research and homework. I didn't want to invest in something that would give me the basic Google search answers or Pinterest how-to blog. If you're also on the journey to finding a course that will teach you, inspire you, encourage you, and challenge you...look no further because THIS IS IT.

This course IS my author journey. It is literally the road from THINKING about the book all the way through the final publication. With the plethora of information, there's no steps missed in the process. This course is the spark I didn't know that I needed. It's the motivation, the drive, the spinning wheels to my journey.

-Courtney Modisette

Ready to take your next step towards becoming an author?

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